Sunday, March 10, 2013

Syrian Conflict....

I believe this further political or miltary interference by Western governments will only escalate tensions in the Middle East region and only create further divisions amongst the different ethnic and religious groups.
We need to remember some recent history, In the 90's the US government were happy to work with Assad's father Hafez al-Assad  in Syria against Saddam, at the same time having no problem with Basher al Assad studying in London, however now that Syria's government has no use, they have become the enemy of the so called free world.
 In Damascus cars bombs have been detonated, killing dozens, by the so called opposition, however the UK and US government's are silent on this terrible act that is so familiar to their recent history. If this horrendous act happened in any Western power they would all condemn this as a terrorist act and would immediately retaliate on the masses and not on the few. It is clear that the West seems to only use the word’ Terrorist’ when it suits there interests and NOT as a universal rule of Law. It is a shame that this kind of hypocritical attitude will only create distrust, instability and further enemies around the world.

In the world of politics not all citizens will agree with a leader’s direction, however it does not mean we all create groups of heavily armed militia’s to overthrow our governments by force.This kind of violence would not be tolerated in the west, yet it is accepted by the west when it arises in the Middle East.
Let the Syrian people decide who they would like to lead them, not the oppostion, not western powers or Assad......only the ballot box.
I believe that there should be a cease fire created by the UN and Arab League and for there to be a free election to be held observers from all sides. Only then will the voice of the Syrian people will be heard and not by Western backing of the Rebels.

Picture by: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters

Unfortunately.... It is a loose loose situation for the Syrian people at the moment.

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