Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jill Meagher's Murder case 12/03/2013

In court today Adrian Bayley pleads guilty to raping Jill Meagher, but pleads not guilty to murdering her and two other rapes.
Jill was approached by Adrian Bayley only 8 minutes after she left the bar she was drinking at in Brunswick, she was then dragged into a lane way, raped, then strangled. Adrian Bayley left the scene and returned 3 hours later with shovel, drove Jill to sth Gisbon, where he buried her in a shallow grave.
I think we need to remember and understand that there are people out there that do commit such horrific acts, regardless of the laws. Even though women are protected by Law, it does not mean that the laws governed to protect all women, will serve like a barrier or shield around them.
 Women in today’s society need to be more street wise and to try and leave the naive part …..This mentality ‘it won’t happen to me ‘permanently behind.
 Its time women realize they need to practice safety, especially when drinking and walking home at night.
This is a tragedy and I hope the Meaher family find justice and long term peace.

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