Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Britain may sidestep an EU ban on supplying arms to the Syrian opposition......13/03/13..

The UK Prime Minster David Cameron has said today that they might just sidestep the UN resloution not supply arms to syria if it means it will end the civil war in Syria.
I cant see how supplying the Syrian rebels with arms to supposedly end the conflict are justifiable, or a good judgment call by David Cameron. Yes there is an agreed and recognized opposition by most of the international community in place, however it’s apparent they do not have total control of all the rebels actions, as seen when a group calling themselves the Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade abducted 21 Pilipino UN peace keepers in the disputed Golan Heights in Syria. It is ironic that when the rebels first abducted the UN peacekeepers they advised the world that they will hold them captive until Assad forces retreat. A few days later the opposition changed their tune and advised the world the UN peace keeps were treated well with blankets and were only being kept safe. It is obvious they can’t control all the rebels who are on the loose in Syria and should then not have the responsiblity to control Syria.
I can only see that more civilians will be caught between heavier fighting with the supply of advanced arms by the UK.

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